In your dashboard, you can set certain language settings to control how MyMisalignment displays your content. Click "Language" in your dashboard navigation to set these options.

Chiropractic Method

In most cases, you won't ever need to change this. But if for any reason, you need to change your chiropractic method, you can do so here. Keep in mind, that since some methods require different factors for animations, existing reports may not be compatible with the change.

Display Name

MyMisalignment will use your clinic name, but you can choose to replace that with a different label if you wish. For Example, "Dr. Jones" can be used instead of "Jones Spinal Care".

Orthogonal Labels

For Orthogonal Chiropractic methods, you can change the wording of certain factors. For example, you can choose "High Hip" instead of "Short Leg". Click the "Orthogonal Labels" tab to access these options.

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