Reports are the "bread and butter" of MyMisalignment. They allow you to create an interactive or printable report specifically designed for your patient. The written content is designed for where they're at in their care plan, and the animations use the exact listings from their x-rays, so they can see their very own misalignment come to life.

  1. To create a report, you must first create a patient.
  2. After your patient is created click "Create Report" in the patient overview page. You'll see this page immediately after creating your patient, or you can get to it again later by clicking the patient's name in the dashboard.
  3. Select your Report Template. Learn more about Report Templates.
  4. Enter a recipient (optional). You can change who your report is speaking to by changing the recipient name. For example, this could be used when sending a report to another Health Professional. The default recipient is your patient, so you can leave the field blank if the report isn't being sent to somebody else.
  5.  Enter the listings from your patient's x-rays.
  6. Add or edit patient specific problems. This will be shown on the "Brainstem" animation.
  7. Click "Create Report"

Tip: You can also quickly add a report by clicking the "plus" icon while hovering over your patient in the Dashboard.

Report Overview Page

After creating your report, you'll be taken right to the "Report Overview Page". You can also come back to this page at any time, reports are saved to the patient's page.

View Report

Click "View Report" to launch the report in a new window.

Email Report

Click "Email Report" to email the report to your patient, or somebody else.
Here, you'll see that the recipient is already filled out by the email address you entered when you first made the patient. You can also send this message to multiple recipients by adding additional addresses. Hit the enter or comma key to make a new entry while typing multiple addresses.

The subject and message are already filled out by the subject content defined in the template you chose when creating the report.

Learn more about Report Templates.

Even though the fields are already filled out, you can make changes if you'd like to edit this specific email.

Print Report

Click "Print Report" to create a printable pdf. You can either download this pdf, or print it from your browser.

Editing Report Content

The content in your reports are defined by the "Report Templates". To edit the report content, you'll need to make changes to the template. Learn more about Report Templates.

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