Before creating a report, you'll first need to create your patient. To create a patient, head over to "Patients" in your dashboard by clicking "Patients" in your dashboard navigation.

Creating a new patient

  1. To create a new patient, click "New Patient" on the top right of your screen.
  2. Enter your patient's first and last name.
  3. Enter your patient's email address. This will be used when you later create your reports for this patient.
  4. Enter an optional reference number. This will help you locate this patient in the future if you internally use a patient ID at your clinic.
  5. Click "Create Patient"

Editing a patient

A patient can easily be edited by clicking "Edit Patient" on the top right of your screen when viewing the patient's overview page. You can view the patient's page by simply clicking their name in the dashboard.

When editing, you'll see the same fields as when you created the patient, just click "Save changes" when you're done.

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