One of MyMisalignment's most powerful features is the ability to create reports from prewritten templates. This allows you to quickly create reports with language and animations that are relevant to your patient's point in care.

Templates can be used however you'd like, but we've included your copy of MyMisalignment with some examples of how it can be used.

Some examples of how templates can be used:

  1. In your Report of Findings.
  2. After your patient's first correction.
  3. At the end of your patient's initial phase of care.
  4. Sending your patient's report to another health professional.

Editing Templates

To edit a template, login to your dashboard and click "Report Templates" in your dashboard navigation. Click one of the existing templates to make changes, or "Add new" to create your own.

Templates are split into three sections.
You can click the tabs to toggle between them.


The "App" tab, shows the template content your patient will see when the report is viewed on the web. Learn more.


The "Print" tab in the template editor, shows the content that will used when printing your patient's report, or generating a pdf. Learn more.


The "Email" tab shows default email content that will populate the email fields when sending your report. This content is editable per report, so each email you send can be customized. Learn more.

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